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DEB CARR digital

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Web Design for Holistic Practitioners

Transform your holistic practice with a soulful and intuitive web design. We specialize in creating websites that harmoniously showcase your healing expertise, mindfulness, and eco-conscious values. Embrace the power of a purpose-driven online presence to attract and engage your ideal clients. Explore our holistic web design services now.

Why We Stand Out in the Crowd

Same Values

Working with Deb, you will be working with a designer who shares the same values about wellbeing and the environment as you do.

Wix Connected

Deb only works with Wix and has the Wix Partner status of "Legend" given to her by Wix. She meets monthly with Wix via Zoom with her manager in Israel.

Wix Dashboard

Your website comes with a range of CRM tools and many more features. It is more than just a website. 

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Purpose-driven business: They have a clear and meaningful mission beyond just making money. Their primary goal is often to contribute positively to the world and address social or environmental issues.

Deb Loves

Working With

Ethical practices: Conscious businesses adhere to high ethical standards in all aspects of their operations, including sourcing materials, manufacturing processes, and marketing.

Sustainability: Conscious businesses aim to minimise their ecological footprint, often incorporating sustainable practices and supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

About Deb

How It All Started

It started from my first website in 2004. I have evolved a lot since then. I've been in the motivational speaking industry and somehow life guided me into the blogging world. 

I have built numerous blogs, have a good understanding of SEO (getting found on Google) and I love the holistic industries. 

Check out my blog Upbeat and Positive where I share uplifting stories, as well as the crystal jewellery I handmake.

Deb Carr Blogger


Are you ready to embark on a soulful journey of digital transformation? Let's join forces to create an enchanting online presence that aligns with your holistic essence. Reach out to Deb Carr Digital today, and let's bring your healing vision to life on the web. Together, we'll empower hearts, minds, and spirits through the magic of holistic web design.

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Discover the Magic of Your Online Sanctuary

Step into a digital sanctuary crafted exclusively for holistic practitioners like you. Our intuitive and mindful web design approach ensures that your website becomes an extension of your healing sanctuary, inviting visitors to explore, connect, and immerse themselves in your transformative world.

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Unveil Your Authenticity

Your authentic voice is at the heart of what you do, and we're here to help it shine online. Through purposeful design and mindful storytelling, we'll weave the tapestry of your unique journey, allowing your visitors to connect deeply with your vision, mission, and the transformative impact you bring to their lives.

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Elevate Your Impact

Your holistic practice has the power to transform lives, and our mission is to amplify that impact. With thoughtful SEO strategies and conversion-focused elements, we'll help you reach a broader audience of like-minded individuals seeking the healing touch you offer.

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