20 Twitter Shorthand Tips

Try to squeeze 140 characters including a photo can be a real challenge when Tweeting or if you are like me, find it a game! Here are some useful Twitter shorthand tips to help you squeeze your message into 140 characters.

  1. RT = Retweet (you repost something someone else has Tweeted)

  2. OH = Overheard (something you overheard and are repeating but not naming)

  3. FF =Follow Friday (a shoutout to your mates on Friday's)

  4. HT = Hat Tip or Heard Through (i.e. via)

  5. IC = I see

  6. IDC = I don’t care

  7. IDK = I don’t know

  8. @ = sends a message to a user's handle i.e. @DebCarrNetwork

  9. # = Hashtag - used to 'tag' tweets on certain topics think of Keywords

  10. DM = Direct Message (personally I never look at them...very rare..it's mostly spam)

  11. Tweetup = A real life meetup announced on Twitter - usually a group of friends

  12. SM= Social Media

  13. L8 = Late

  14. LTM = Let Me Know

  15. ICYMI = In Case You Missed It

  16. MRT = Modified ReTweet, when you modifly a RT to fit into 140 charactors

  17. MT= Modified Tweet (as above)

  18. NTS = Note To Self

  19. NP= Now Playing

  20. OMY = On My Way