Three Twitter Mistakes Not to Do

I've been on Twitter for a number of years now and built my following organically and by sharing information and interacting with others. I love Twitter but there are some things that I consider really bad form on the platform and they are: AUTOMATED DIRECT MESSAGES The truth is I don’t even check my DM’s unless I’m actually in a Twitter conversation with someone and we have agreed to share some private information. The reason I don’t check Direct Messages is because as far as I’m concerned most of it is SPAM. So someone follows me and I follow them back and before I know it I get a DM that says “Thanks for following connect with me on Linkedin”. There is no engagement whatsoever in Direct Messages likes this and very impersonal. I figure if someone really wants to get in touch it won't be that hard to find me. However as a restaurant owner, your business is very different from mine (Blogging) and you could be losing out on valuable client enquiries and feedback so checking DM's is important, but I would stay away from the automated 'thanks for following' and actually personalise any responses. MASS FOLLOW AND UNFOLLOW These people are trying to build up more followers than they follow because they ‘perceive’ that it makes them look important or that they are popular. Usually what happens people follow accounts and then days, a week or even a few weeks later they go and unfollow all the accounts they are following to drop their followers/following ratio down. It's annoying and a waste of time. BUYING FOLLOWERS Again, what’s the point in buying followers that are not going to engage with you and probably don’t even exist? Very easy to see who buys followers just scroll down the followers profiles and if there are a number of accounts grouped together with no photos, just the egg shape with no bios. Probably little interaction on the Twitter account as well. So in a nutshell, to make the most of your Twitter account, it's about being authentic, sharing information and acknowledging and interacting with others.