Market Your Restaurant by Getting Food Bloggers Writing About You

Restaurant Marketing Tip: Invite Food Bloggers to the Table

If you don’t have a lot of reviews from 'foodie bloggers' one way to change that is to invite them to dine at your restaurant, or hold a special lunch/event with food influencers on the guest list.

Obviously you will need to host the blogger, however that won’t guarantee a good review or a review at all. In my case, and this has only happened once at time of writing, I just don’t post about the restaurant rather than write something negative, but there is the slight risk that the blogger won’t be happy so the review could be detrimental.

Not every blogger will accept your offer; however being persistent will eventually get you the right influencers through the door. With some food bloggers having a big following their positive opinion about your restaurant could definitely help win new customers. Most bloggers will share the experience on their social media sites as well so the reach could be quite impressive.

As a blogger/influencer myself with my Sydney Lifestyle Blog, Sydney Chic don’t hesitate to contact me for a review or even help with organizing a team of bloggers to attend an intimate event at your restaurant.