World Password day is April 5th - how Secure are you?

A recent survey conducted by Intel Security has revealed the following Australian password habits*:

Australians have an average of 26 different personal and business-related accounts that require a password:

  • 33% of Australians forget a password at least once a week

  • 68% of Australians don't know what multi-factor authentication is

  • 20% of Australians have regretted sharing a password with a family member or friend in the past

  • 53% of Australians would prefer to use thumbprint recognition and 20% would prefer to use an eye scanner to login into their accounts instead of the traditional password

These findings don't come as a surprise, as many consumers feel overwhelmed by the number of passwords they are required to keep and manage safely.

There’s no doubt about it, securing your password is a no brainer. There is a way to check how secure your passwords are by visiting

For further tips on how to ensure that your passwords are keeping you safe, Intel Security has compiled the below tips to help consumers:

  • Use unique passwords for every account

  • Change your passwords regularly

  • Stop using one word passwords

  • Lock your mobile with a PIN or password

  • Let a manager memorise your passwords

  • Enable multi-factor authentication

*The data used is based on an online survey that was conducted April 4 through April 10, 2016. Among a sample of 2,049 online adult respondents ages 18 and older, 521 were from Australia and these results are included above