What To Do If You Are New To Instagram

Sydney Chic Instagram

Photos from my instagram

I love instagram and it’s the social media platform I use the most.

When I joined Instagram I couldn’t get the name SydneyChic so I had to add blog to the end instagram.com/sydneychicblog of it. It’s getting harder and harder to discover names for your social media so you need to give it some thought because one you have a following it’s not good to be changing it.

You can only post photos on your phone or tablet not your PC, however you can follow and like from your computer. Instagram is about great photos and good hashtags as a lot of people search photos by hashtagging. TIP: if you have notes on your phone, write your bio in your notes because you can actually put in hard returns (have a look at my bio on my instagram) then you can copy and paste it into your profile when you edit it. I also use notes to pre-write for my instagram posts at events that I am attending for Sydney Chic so I don't have to look up @handles and #hashtags.

Sydney Chic Instagram

Again, use your profile to sell yourself so be creative. I also use the LOCATION of where I have been in my photos as much as I can and I actually tag the photo if I’ve posted something about a brand or Sydney.


  • Post daily 1 - 3 times

  • Make your photos interesting. You can download lots of photo editing apps to play with. I love “Studio”

  • Use hashtags carefully, not too many or it looks really spammy

  • Follow people that interest you

  • Block spammers and any of those “Follow Me” accounts

  • Comment on other people’s photos

  • If someone says something nice give them a thank you or thumbs up!

  • Like other people’s photos

  • Delete nasty comments or spam comments (Swipe left)


  • Buy followers or likes

  • Make negative comments on other people's posts

  • Post photos of yourself drunk (seriously)

  • Use photos that you don’t own – ever!

  • Fill up your timeline with motivational quotes, some are ok but not too many

Also follow people who are genuine. Instagram is full of people who buy fake followers and likes. It's easy to tell, check out their followers and a lot of them will only have a few photos and very old posting. They may have private accounts, they may have no photo. Same with 'likes'