Some tips on Affiliate Marketing

Affliliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is another way to make some income on your blog, however it takes a lot of work and you will need to have a big following. One very successful blog that utilizes affiliate marketing is

  • Basically, you sign up as an affiliate, in my case I use and joined a few programs. These affiliate companies then provide you with a tracking code so that if anyone clicks the link or the photo that has your tracking code, and purchases a product, even 30 days after the original click you earn a commission. Be careful not to have too many affiliate links in your blog though as Google may pick it up as spammy.

  • You can use your designated affiliate link in your social media too by shortening it with Hootsuite, Buffer of and writing a catchy sentence.

  • You will need to have a big following and an engaged audience to make decent money from affiliate marketing.

  • Here are 21 email marketing templates you can use instantly. However, it's an offer that is only suitable for internet marketing or affiliate marketing niches.

  • Operation Quick Money Training Program

  • Making money whenever you make a post on Facebook

  • Follow this step-by-step blueprint to start getting leads for just pennies and converting them into dollars.

  • I use affilate marketing more for selling lifestyle products such as fashion and homewares. Sometimes I will write a blog post and include links to products I like and sometimes I will just drop a banner in the post (like below) which is supplied by the affilate program. I only use two affiliate programs for this type of promotion which is Commission Factory and Referboard - both these programs also have extensions for Google Chrome that make referring retailers products easy.

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Note I have put quite a few affiliate links on this post as examples, so if you do purchase something I will make a small commission. This is a disclaimer which is another point you must be aware of.