How to become a blogger and get paid

how to become a blogger and get paid

It's the question I get asked all the time! How to become a blogger and get paid? I'll get to that in a moment. As a bit of a background I have been writing articles and blogging online since 2004 - in that time I've had numerous blogs ranging from inspiration, sales, recruitment, new age, lifestyle and more. Presently, I'm the editor of a Sydney LIfestyle Blog, my personal inspirational blog and this one as part of my social media marketing business. It keeps me very busy.

To answer the questions I make money blogging by:

Sponsored Content - This is where I will write a review of a product or service etc and I will be paid. I always had my disclaimer to any sponsored content. I also knock back a lot of sponsored content if it does not fit in with my blog or I don't believe or like the product. Here is an example of a sponsored content piece I wrote for car loans. At first I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but after some careful consideration I was able to write the story that was a fit with Sydney Chic.

Advertising - This is where you place banner adverts on your website. I actually place affiliate banner adverts on my sites. Here is an example of one below:

Affiliate Marketing - This is where you write up posts or create landing pages on your blog with affiliate links. Affiliate links take people to products or goods that are sold by other parties, and should that person buy from that link, you will receive a small commission. You must disclose that your post has affiliate links in it. So in saying that, this post does have some affiliate links in it too. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetise your blog however it takes time and you need to find the right products. Be careful when choosing affiliates, make sure you actually like and use the products or service yourself. Blogging is about being authentic in every way.

Social Media Clients - because of my proven experience with online marketing that brings me clients who I help with their social media, online marketing or I coach them to do it themselves.

Building websites - this is another service I offer my clients by helping them get a website that doesn't cost a bomb! I also help create content through videos, graphics etc.

Ghost blogging - I write for other people under their name.

That's where I make my money blogging.

So how do you become a blogger and get paid?

The first thing you need to do is find your niche! Think about the things you love to do or talk about. Then start brainstorming by writing a list i.e.

  • Business advice blog

  • Dogs and pets blog

  • Health and wellbeing blog

  • Food blog

  • Travel blog

  • Lifestyle blog

  • Car blog

  • Bicycle blog

  • Inspirational blog

  • Snow sports blog

  • New Age blog

  • Eco friendly blog

And the list goes on.

how to become a travel blogger

The next step is to try and narrow it down to a further niche for example a Car Blog could just write about muscle cars and the eco-friendly blog be all about sustainability within the home. The more niche you are the better it will be for you to get found and attract readers. By the way, you can learn as you go too, I am always doing research when I write and especially when I "ghost blog" for other people.

Once you have come up with your niche then it's time to build the website. Just make sure before you finalise what you want to blog about that you will come across with passion and authenticity to your readers.

When you are ready it's time to find your keywords. This is a critical step so think carefully on what people would search for about your subject. For instance if someone searched the term "how to become a blogger" there will be a huge competition to get ranked, so you need to find words that are similar - for this post I did some research using the keyword tool below and came up with how to become a blogger and get paid. You will note I have used that sentence a few times in this post - but only a few you don't want to 'keyword stuff' your articles as Google won't favour that.

Your Target Market

Now that you have your keywords and idea for your blog, you need to find out where your readers hang out online and what they would be looking for. After all there is no point blogging without readers.

What problem do you solve and how does your blog help your audience? Obviously this blog is for people who want to create a residual income online, maybe leave their job and work from home or for business people who want to know more about social media marketing. Do a little more brainstorming along these lines:

  • What kind of solution is your reader searching for? If you are writing a blog on dogs, maybe they want reviews on dog collars, food or maybe they want to find out how to train their dog.

  • What other blogs might your reader be looking at? Do your research and snoop around other blogs in your niche.

  • Is your reader female, male or both?

  • Where does your reader live? For my Sydney Lifestyle blog my target is residents and visitors to Sydney. For this blog and the Jasmine in the Forest I have a global audience.

Starting a blog

These are all questions you need to think about so that you can attract followers to your blog.

What will your blog look like?

  • This is the fun part. Here you can start jotting down ideas on what colour schemes and fonts that you will be using for your blog.

  • Think about colours, themes, fonts. Make a note of the colour codes and fonts so you can be consistent.

  • Source photos for free from or take your own if you are good with a camera.

  • A subscriber form on the header of your blog will help you to build a database of people who want to hear from you. With this database you can send out weekly updates of your posts and news.

Disclosure Policy


You will also need to add a privacy and terms page to your site.

how to blog and earn money

How often to blog?

This depends on what your blog is about and how much you want it to be high ranking. I try to post every day, and sometimes I do more than one post on Sydney Chic. I have even put on guest bloggers to write regularly for me and attend events on my behalf. I know these guest bloggers are great writers and I trust them to represent my brand.

With Deb Carr Media I blog when I get the time because it’s not my main focus to get that website as optimized as Sydney Chic that comes along organically with my other blog.

Follow and No Follow tags

  • If you are being paid to post or gifted items you must read this about Follow and No Follow tags on your blog. Basically, if your blog ranks well with Google and you point to another blog that gives what we call 'link juice' - your blog is telling Google that this other blog is worthy of being ranked. However, Google don't want you to do that if you are being paid to post so you need to add NO FOLLOW code in your blog post

  • Always put a disclaimer on your post if you have been paid or have affiliate links

  • In WIX you can add HTML in your blog post and this is the code you need to add:

  • <p><font face="arial">It's no secret that <a href=" " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">name of anchor text </a>descrption. </font></p>


  • <p><font face="arial">name of anchor text <a href=" " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">name of anchor text</a> and <a href=" " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">description </font></p> </font></p>

Blogging for money


Without great content you don't have a blog. So you need to be very organised and also think outside the box. Content doesn't just have to be writing it can be a video, podcast, poem, news item that you have commented on, photos, infographics the list goes on.

I find content for Sydney Chic from: Press releases sent to me by PR companies, events and launches I have attended, local attractions, experiences i.e. climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, fashion and style, restaurant reviews, product reviews, film reviews, theatre reviews, upcoming events in Sydney, music interviews, hotel reviews, travel reviews, beauty reviews, community events etc.

How to be a lifestyle blogger
  • Start with what YOU know, what your expertise is. A good idea is to write down as soon as you think of something to blog about in a diary or make a note on your phone. With Sydney Chic I blog every day and sometimes twice, it is a lot of work, however I get Press Releases on a daily basis and always an event or something comes in my inbox so finding content now is easy. With the Jasmine in the Forest I share recipes, life stories…well actually my soul!

  • I also put out a call out on for content too, so as a blogger do sign up for this great service.

  • Other things to share are videos, graphics, quotes and even guest bloggers to write material for you.

  • Do this for blogging

  • Blog regularly

  • If you have the ADD COMMENTS to your blog make sure you approve them first, I prefer it this way rather than have spammers write nonsense. Personally, I don't allow comments on any of my blogs which probably is a bit detrimental but I can't stand online hate so I prefer not to encourage it.

  • Jot down ideas what to blog about

  • Constantly think about your keywords

  • Be creative with your headlines and include your keywords

  • Have an opt-in form on your blog to build an email list and email it on a regular basis

  • Share your posts on your social media

  • Add share buttons to your blog to make it easy for people to share your content

  • Hop on to other blogs and start commenting in a positive way on their comments

  • Try and get other bloggers to link to your site

  • Join blogging groups on Linked in etc

  • Write amazing content

  • Have great photos

  • Be patient it takes time to get known

If you are a business you can write posts featuring your clients, staff and new products (only on occasion)

how to become a blogger and get paid

Content is about giving good advice and sharing interesting information. Blog posts don’t necessarily have to be text all the time, you can create fabulous graphics with an inspirational message, create a video post, offer tips and "how to" advice.Blog content can be to advertise a new role in your company, share news regarding awards and featuring your staff! People are interested in people.

Start a spreadsheet and clip the URL’s of places you find content. Without great content you don't have a blog. So you need to be very organised and also think outside the box.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) AND Traffic

  • It is important that you make sure that each page has been carefully formed to SEO your website. So now is the time to think carefully of your keywords that people will use to search for your website.

  • Think in the terms of mine for Sydney Chic, as an example again:

  • Things to do in Sydney

  • Sydney Blog