How to use Periscope for Marketing

Live stream to your Twitter Feed.

Periscope is a live video broadcasting platform linked to Twitter.

As a blogger I have used Periscope to record events, and I even went live on a helicopter ride over Sydney! So the potential for marketing is huge, however it is live, so make sure you are familiar with the App before you record anything.

So what's the difference between live Instagram, Facebook and Periscope?

Periscope was the first player that had live broadcasting similar to live stories on Instagram and Facebook, but it's not actually in Twitter it is a seperate app.

Periscope lets users shoot live video broadcasts and if your followers have push notifications they will get a notification that you are live. Your video can be featured on the home screen of the platform and users can interact with your video in real-time as you’re broadcasting live. So you will see messages and who is watching you as you record. The broadcast will stay on Periscope for 24 hours after the live recording ends, when you can choose to have it auto-delete. Your recording is able to be shared to Twitter by yourself and your followers.

You can also auto-save your broadcast to your camera roll, so it can be shared on other platforms as a recorded video.


Video is more likely to get interaction as people like to watch. If you think strategically and use Periscope for your business, have a plan, it may help you increase your Twitter followers and get more Retweets. The ability for your viewers to be able to interact with your live video is a great way to get engagement. Periscope has its own audience as well.

TIP: In settings on the app tick moderate comments just in case a troll or nasty person decides to say something that's not appropriate


  • As a restaurant, you can feature your Head Chef.

  • Share local or breaking news.

  • Create groups and share discounts and special offers to your members in the group.

  • Become your own host and interview people, events, local attractions etc.

  • Host a Q&A to your followers about your industry, products, event etc.

  • Use Periscope for interactive customer support.

  • Become a tour guide of your city and showcase it to the world.

  • Give tutorials