In order to give you a firm quote, and for me to understand your needs please fill out the following as best as you can. The reason we do this is so I can calculate exactly how much time it will take for me to build your site and that there are no surprises for either of us. Please note additional work that is not documented in this form will incur more fees.

Design of site

Does your website require any of the following?
Do you have you content ready?
Do you have a logo?
Do you require Wix training to edit the site yourself?
Do you require a form like this one you are using on my site now?

Thanks for submitting!


Google Hex Colour Tool

To use this tool, use the curser to mix and match to get the exact colour you like. Please send me your choice of colours that are displayed on the left of the tool starting with an #. You may choose up to 6 colours.  For example this colour is #44D4D4

Design Colour Palette

You could choose a colour palette from this website and I will work with those colours

Keywords: Long tail keywords should be applicable to what people would be searching for on the internet to find you. They should be 'niche'. A long tail keyword will be 3-6 words. Here are some examples:

Not Niche: Website Designer

Niche: Website Designer Macro Photography Lessons

Not Niche: Photography Lessons

Niche: Macro and Nature Photography Lessons

In other words be specific and stand out from the crowd and niche your business or services.