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Since 2004, Deb Carr has been a prominent figure in the online world, having built her first website during that year. Among her portfolio, one of her lifestyle blogs, Sydney Chic, was established on Wix back in 2013 and has flourished over time, now boasting an impressive 2,000 pages. Deb's dedication and expertise have allowed her to cultivate a thriving brand.

With a passion for creating attractive and functional websites without breaking the bank, Deb Carr Digital specialises in crafting Wix websites for bloggers, small businesses, and independent contractors. Her proficiency with Wix has garnered recognition, as she is recommended by Wix as a trusted partner for website upgrades, design, and SEO services.

Deb Carr herself owns four websites, including this one, built on the latest Wix technology, Wix Studio.


Among her projects, "Upbeat and Positive" stands out, centred around promoting positivity, sustainability, and love in the world. Additionally, she also designs a unique collection of crystal jewelry available on an e-commerce platform.

Whether it's building her own websites or assisting clients in establishing their online presence, Deb Carr's passion for creating impactful and visually appealing websites is truly commendable.

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