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Deb Carr Blogger

Hi, I'm Deb. I've been marketing online since 2004. During this time, I've built a successful brand with one of my lifestyle blogs, Sydney Chic (established on Wix in 2013) and now has close to 2,000 pages. I've also built many Wix sites for clients and proud to say I'm a Wix Partner, i.e. Wix promotes me to their potential clients.


I specialise in building Wix websites for small business, sole traders and bloggers. 

I have a passion for helping people get a stunning functional website that doesn't cost them a fortune. 


I manage four of my own websites including a positive news website and a tourism website


More about my background here

Social Media & SEO Specialist

Cameron Sangster

Hi, I'm Cameron


I have a genuine passion for people and making a positive impact on their lives. My interests lie heavily around my family which is seen in application in my professional life.

Having diverse experience across many fields, from boiler-making to visual communication, Automotive, Construction and eCommerce, my inspiration has always been on what makes a customer purchase a product or service and the science behind it. My guiding principle in this journey has always been what a highly esteemed business coach once taught me: AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) ... and in that order. Bomb out, and go back to the start - get their Attention!

That is why I am doing what I'm doing today ! 

Helping you to get your online presence without costing a fortune. 

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